Good nutrition creates health in all our areas of existence!

Nutrition should always try to be provided by eating a varied diet, but when food can no longer meet nutritional needs for whatever circumstances, then Anaiah Healthcare has a range of  products to bridge the gap.

Anaiah Healthcare, a nutritional company, is dedicated to providing innovative products for advanced medical nutrition for adult and children that improve patient outcome.

We provide high quality feeds to patients and health care professionals. For comprehensive management of disease related malnutrition.

More About Anaiah Healthcare

Anaiah Healthcare’s dedicated team members and partners have rich experience in research and development of clinical nutrition products. Scientific knowledge and technological advances are our pillars for product development.

Anaiah Healthcare is based in London, UK, and provides clinical nutrition products and services throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our reputation is built on dedication to customer service and strong business partnership. We are constantly seeking to improve our products and services to enhance patient outcomes and welcome feedback to improve our products and services. Please send in your questions or feedback to

This site is intended for use by Healthcare Professionals. These products are to be used under medical supervision, if you have any concerns please refer to your Healthcare Professional.

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